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Dynamic and quick-to-load web content delivers lasting impression on clients. At OCP we understand the evolving nature of today's consumers and deliver web content that accessible and easy-to-follow.

To serve the growing needs of our stakeholders, we utilize customer journey maps to thoroughly understand and design the best-possible solution for each use case. OCP's thought leaders, designers and engineers work collaboratively to deliver the highest standard of technical expertise for each project we undertake.

Simplicity, Responsiveness, Intuitiveness, and Security are the cornerstones of our designs. When warranted, real-time integration and interoperability of data is utilized to deliver solutions that propel organic growth by increasing web adoption and user self-service capabilities.

Our Services

We aim at big, think big and create big because we have the technology, expertise and experience to make it big!


Our Web Development Process

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.


Requirement Gathering

Our developers initiate the process of app development by understanding important things like the purpose of the app, the end user, the level of security required, the platforms the app will be on etc. This is followed by requesting for a mock-up of the wireframe or development of the mock up. Then, considering various factors, database selection is carried out (API, Firebase, SQL Server/Light).



Following requirement gathering, we work on the prototype by first defining the mobile app. This is followed by researching the mobile market and development of user personas. We then, wireframe the mobile app interface before testing the app.


Continous Development, Continous Deployment

After creating a preliminary visualization of the app, we work on Continous Development and Continous Deployment. We aim at creating an implementation plan, with the emphasis on the users. We ensure that the launch of the app takes place in stages and users can easily share their feedback.


Support & Maintenance

We as a team, ensure best support and maintenance services. When you rely upon our team, everything including- app monitoring, upgrading the app, bug fixing, technical support and implementation of the new changes, is well taken care of.

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